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Killers. Where we got left to run?


Look at that!Do you see how much she loves him!?


J U S T   Y O U

He keeps looking at her lips.

Peeta and I grow back together.
by alonglineofbread

Peeta and I grow back together.

by alonglineofbread



She is just sucking on his lower lip while he concentrates on her upper lip. When she starts to let go Jen then pushes down one more time like,”nope I don’t want to end it yet.”

It is not okay the amount of times I’ve watched these gifs


This is it, the apocalypse.

[for Chiara and her wishlist]

A pair of lovers whose relationship is often thwarted by outside forces. The stars are working against their relationship. It also refers to destiny and the inevitability of two character’s paths crossing each other.



the theme is “Fangirl Katniss” and here is the shitty result, enjoy.

I got tagged by loving-mellark with the prompt fangirl!Katniss

I licked my lips in excitement as I opened the brand new Issue of Panvogue. I knew he would be in there somewhere. So while I was rushing through the colorful…

OMG! It’s so incredibly funny! And I think everybody has to read this. I just begged my sweet friend jilienemily to write this for me. Now she will want to kill me. Thank you so much my dear Esther. Love you<3 And I love you more for this!

No, I don’t wanna l e t  g o


I was tagged by the super sweet and amazing peetasbunmyoven in the Everlark drabble challenge. The prompt was: Former best friends Everlark. Thank you!

And I’m sure we aren’t surprised that this is nowhere near actual drabble length. I started thinking about the…